BLACK GIRLS ROLLING TIRES, INC. ® (BGRT) mission is to ensure that it will not take another fifty-one (51) years for a business-savvy Black woman to enter the lucrative tire industry lacking experience, mentors, and significant working capital to grow their company; to position it to generate $25 million dollars in annual sales based on a five (5) year business plan.

® (BGRT) goals are to educate, mentor, train and levitate Black females starting in the 6th grade, through college graduates matriculating into careers and business ownerships paths in tires and other male-dominated related industries.


BLACK GIRLS ROLLING TIRES’ envisions becoming the number one advocate, trusted voice, college scholarships, and start-up business funding sources, as well as a thought leader for Black females intent on pursuing careers and business empires in tires and related industries.

It is also my vision as the FOUNDER that our participants will become dynamic leaders, entrepreneurs, employers, employees, C-Suite executives, Fortune 500 board members, founders, generational wealth engineers, disruptors, innovators, inventors, knowledge seekers, philanthropists, and communities’ educators, mentors, and political influencers.


Black Girls Rolling Tires are committed to affirming the brilliance and uniqueness of Black girls and women. We are intentionally pledging to permanently disrupt tires and related male-dominated industries’ business paradigms, whose dealers’ networks and business models passively and aggressively exclude Black women. We will be purposeful in nourishing our participants’ confidence, strengths, steadfastness, and commanding abilities in their chosen education, careers, and business paths; without any apologies for entering all rooms as uniquely BRILLIANT, BOLD, RADIANT, BLACK, and BEAUTIFUL FEMALES!